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edit out verb

unfavorite favorite
recortar, cortar

edit verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
edited, has edited, is editing, edits
editar, redactar, corregir

Ejemplos de uso de
edit verb

  • This chapter needs to be edited.
  • The book was poorly edited.
  • The stories have been edited for a younger audience.
  • Students learn to edit their essays for grammar and punctuation.
  • The software allows you to edit videos on your computer.
  • This film has been edited for television.
  • an anthology of ancient poetry edited by a local professor

Traducción inversa para edit out

recortar  - to cut, to reduce, to cut out, to trim, to cut off, to outline 
cortar  - to cut, to cut, to slice, to trim, to break up, to cut out, to omit, to cut off, to interrupt, to hang up (the telephone), to block, to close off, to curdle (milk) 
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