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dull verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
dulled, has dulled, is dulling, dulls
opacar, quitar el brillo a, deslustrar; embotar (un filo), entorpecer (los sentidos), aliviar (el dolor), amortiguar (sonidos)

Ejemplos de uso de
dull verb

  • Fog dulled the morning sunlight.
  • Special earplugs dulled the sound of the chain saw.
  • His hair dulled as he aged.
  • The dog's eyes dulled as he got sick.
  • She takes medicine to dull the pain.
  • Fear dulled his need for adventure.
  • The knife was dulled from use.
  • The blade should be replaced as soon as it dulls.

Sinónimos de
dull verb

Traducción inversa para dulling

opacar  - to make opaque or dull, to outshine, to overshadow 
deslustrar  - to tarnish, to dull 
embotar  (un filo) - to dull, to blunt, to weaken, to enervate 
entorpecer  (los sentidos) - to hinder, to obstruct, to dull 
aliviar  (el dolor) - to relieve, to alleviate, to soothe, to allay 
amortiguar  (sonidos) - to soften (an impact) 
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