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drift verb

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drifted, has drifted, is drifting, drifts
dejarse llevar por la corriente, ir a la deriva (dícese de un bote), ir sin rumbo (dícese de una persona); amontonarse, acumularse, apilarse

Ejemplos de uso de
drift verb

  • The boat slowly drifted out to sea.
  • The clouds drifted across the sky.
  • The snow drifted against the side of the house.
  • Drifting snow covered most of the car.
  • The party guests drifted from room to room, eating and mingling.
  • Her eyes drifted across the crowd.
  • The conversation drifted from topic to topic.
  • My thoughts drifted back to the time when we first met.
  • After he left the army he just drifted for a few years.
  • She drifted from job to job.

Sinónimos de
drift verb

Traducción inversa para drifting

ir a la deriva  (dícese de un bote)
ir sin rumbo  (dícese de una persona)
amontonarse  - to accumulate, to huddle 
acumularse  - to build up, to pile up, to accrue 
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