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noun | verb

dress noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
indumentaria, ropa; vestido, traje (de mujer)
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A purple dress

Ejemplos de uso de
dress noun

  • She wore dresses only on special occasions.
  • She wore a short black dress to the party.
  • Her wedding dress was decorated with lace.
  • The guests were clothed in traditional Indian dress.
  • It is wise to wear conservative dress to an interview.

Sinónimos de
dress noun

dress verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
dressed, has dressed, is dressing, dresses
vestir; vestirse; decorar, adornar; preparar (pollo o pescado), aliñar (ensalada); curar, vendar (una herida)

Ejemplos de uso de
dress verb

  • They dressed themselves in a hurry.
  • He dressed the child in a snowsuit.
  • She showered, dressed, and ate breakfast.
  • She dressed warmly for skiing.
  • She is dressing for the opera.
  • They always dress for dinner.
  • The nurse dressed the cut on my knee.

Sinónimos de
dress verb

Verbos frasales para dress

  • dress up - ataviarse,engalanarse, ponerse de etiqueta

Traducción inversa para dress

indumentaria  - clothing, attire 
ropa  - clothes 
vestido  - dress, costume, clothes, dress (garment) 
traje  (de mujer) - suit, dress, costume 
vestir  - to dress, to dress, to clothe, to look good, to suit the occasion, to wear, to decorate, to dress up 
vestirse  - to get dressed 
decorar  - to decorate, to adorn 
adornar  - to decorate, to adorn 
preparar  (pollo o pescado) - to prepare, to make ready, to teach, to train, to coach 
aliñar  (ensalada) - to dress (salad), to season 
curar  - to cure, to heal, to get well, to recover, to treat, to dress, to tan, to cure (meat) 
vendar  (una herida) - to bandage 
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