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drag on verb

unfavorite favorite
continuar, durar más de lo esperado

Ejemplos de uso de
drag on verb

  • The meeting dragged on until almost midnight.

drag verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
dragged, has dragged, is dragging, drags
arrastrar, jalar; arrastrarse; dragar; rezagarse

Ejemplos de uso de
drag verb

  • She dragged one of the other tables over to ours.
  • Firefighters dragged the man to safety.
  • One of the parents eventually dragged the screaming toddler out of the store.
  • The broken muffler dragged behind the car.
  • The dog's leash was dragging along the ground.
  • The child is always dragging his blanket.
  • The puppy ran up to us, dragging her leash behind her.
  • He dragged himself up the stairs and climbed into bed.
  • Can you drag yourself away from that computer?

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drag verb

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