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adjective | verb

distracted adjective

unfavorite favorite

Ejemplos de uso de
distracted adjective

  • If you're feeling distracted, take a break.
  • she's been distracted about her son ever since he left on that polar expedition

distract verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
distracted, has distracted, is distracting, distracts
distraer, entretener

Ejemplos de uso de
distract verb

  • You sneak into his room while I distract him.
  • He was distracted from his studies.
  • The students are easily distracted, especially when they're tired.
  • I was distracted by a loud noise.
  • The local story distracted attention from news of the war overseas.

Traducción inversa para distracted

distraído  - distracted, preoccupied, absentminded, (figurative) in a haze 
distraer  - to distract, to entertain, to amuse 
entretener  - to entertain, to amuse, to distract, to delay, to hold up 
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