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noun | verb

discount noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
descuento, rebaja

Ejemplos de uso de
discount noun

  • The store offers a two percent discount when customers pay in cash.
  • a discount of 20% from the original price

discount verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
discounted, has discounted, is discounting, discounts
descontar, rebajar (precios); descartar, ignorar

Ejemplos de uso de
discount verb

  • The vacation plan included a discounted price on our hotel room.
  • Car dealers are heavily discounting last year's unsold models.
  • These threats cannot be entirely discounted.

Sinónimos detallados para discount verb

Ver: Decry, Neglect

Traducción inversa para discount

descuento  - discount 
rebaja  - reduction, discount 
descontar  - to discount, to deduct, to except, to exclude 
rebajar  (precios) - to reduce, to lower, to lessen, to diminish, to humiliate 
descartar  - to discard, to rule out, to reject 
ignorar  - to ignore, (figurative) to brush off, to be unaware of 
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