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noun | verb

deposit noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
depósito (en el banco); entrega inicial; depósito, yacimiento (en geología)

Ejemplos de uso de
deposit noun

  • I need to make a deposit this afternoon.
  • If you return that empty soda can, you'll get back the five-cent deposit you paid when you bought the soda.
  • The rental car company requires a deposit for drivers under the age of 25.
  • Our records show that she made a large deposit to her account earlier in the month.
  • a deposit of mud left by the flood
  • He had surgery to remove calcium deposits from his knee.
  • the buildup of fat deposits in the arteries
  • Their company has discovered new oil deposits below the ocean floor.

Sinónimos de
deposit noun

deposit verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
deposited, has deposited, is depositing, deposits

Ejemplos de uso de
deposit verb

  • Your paycheck will be automatically deposited into your account.
  • I deposited over $3,000 this afternoon.
  • Please deposit your things in your room and return to the hotel lobby.
  • The taxi deposited us at the train station.
  • layers of mud deposited by flood waters

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Traducción inversa para deposit

depósito  (en el banco) - deposit, warehouse, storehouse 
depósito  - deposit, warehouse, storehouse 
yacimiento  (en geología) - bed, deposit 
depositar  - to deposit, to place, to store 
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