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noun | verb | adjective

cracking noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
chasquido, restallido

crack verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
cracked, has cracked, is cracking, cracks
chasquear, restallar; chasquear (un látigo, etc.); rajar, agrietar, resquebrajar; rajarse, resquebrajarse, agrietarse; romper (un huevo), cascar (nueces), forzar (una caja fuerte); quebrarse (dícese de la voz); resolver, descifrar (un código)

Ejemplos de uso de
crack verb

  • The hailstones were big enough to crack some windows.
  • He cracked his collarbone in a skiing accident.
  • The mirror cracked when she dropped it.
  • Workers cracked the large rock into three pieces so it could be moved.
  • The bird cracked the seed on a tree branch.
  • a tool used for cracking nuts
  • He cracked open the eggs.
  • Someone cracked him over the head with a beer bottle.
  • The baby cracked her chin pretty hard when she fell.
  • He fell and cracked his elbow on the ice.

Sinónimos de
crack verb

cracking adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
(británico) genial, estupendo

Ejemplos de uso de
cracking adjective

  • I think it's a cracking story.
  • a writer renowned for her cracking tales of mystery and suspense

Traducción inversa para cracking

chasquido  - click (of the tongue or fingers), snap, crack 
restallido  - crack, crackle 
chasquear  - to click (the tongue, fingers, etc.), to snap (a whip) 
restallar  - to crack, to crackle, to click 
chasquear  (un látigo, etc.) - to click (the tongue, fingers, etc.), to snap (a whip) 
rajar  - to chatter, to crack, to split, to boast, to brag 
agrietar  - to crack 
resquebrajar  - to split, to crack 
rajarse  - to crack, to split open, to back out 
agrietarse  - to crack, to chap 
romper  (un huevo) - to break, to break, to smash, to rip, to tear, to break off (relations), to break (a contract), to break through, to break down, to wear out 
cascar  (nueces) - to crack (a shell) 
forzar  (una caja fuerte) - to force, to compel, to force open, to strain 
quebrarse  (dícese de la voz)
resolver  - to resolve, to settle, to decide 
descifrar  (un código) - to decipher, to decode 
genial  (británico)
estupendo  - stupendous, marvelous 
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