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noun | verb

control noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
control, dominio, mando; limitación; dispositivo de mando

Ejemplos de uso de
control noun

  • The city wanted local control of education.
  • The tribes fought for control over the territory.
  • He took control of the family farm.
  • She hired an accountant to take control of her money.
  • He lost all muscle control in his left arm.
  • The soccer player showed good control of the ball.
  • a teacher with good control of her students
  • The farmer used an organic pest control on his crops.
  • To cut down on competition, the government passed price controls on prescription drugs.
  • The President wants stricter controls on immigration.

Sinónimos detallados para control noun

Ver: Power

control verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
controlled, has controlled, is controlling, controls
controlar, dominar

Ejemplos de uso de
control verb

  • The parents could not control their child.
  • The police controlled the crowd.
  • The small boy could not control the big dog.
  • Her family controls the business.
  • One country controls the whole island.
  • The rebel army now controls nearly half the country.
  • The lights on stage are controlled by this computer.
  • She struggled to control the cart as it rolled before her down the steep, bumpy road.
  • He controlled the volume by turning the radio's knob.
  • A thermostat controls the room's temperature.

Sinónimos detallados para control verb

Ver: Conduct

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Traducción inversa para control

control  - control, inspection, check, checkpoint, roadblock 
dominio  - dominion, power, mastery, domain, field 
mando  - command, leadership, control (for a device) 
limitación  - limitation, limit, restriction 
controlar  - to control, to monitor, to check 
dominar  - to dominate, to predominate, to prevail, to master, to be proficient at 
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