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adjective | noun

cold adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound

Ejemplos de uso de
cold adjective

  • The water was too cold for swimming.
  • The weather has been unusually cold this spring.
  • a country with a cold climate
  • It was a long, cold winter.
  • It's cold outside, but the wind makes it feel even colder.
  • It's bitterly cold out there!
  • metal that is cold to the touch
  • Are you cold? I could turn up the temperature if you'd like.
  • a bowl of cold cereal
  • He ate cold pizza for breakfast.

cold noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
frío; resfriado, catarro

Ejemplos de uso de
cold noun

  • It's not the flu, it's just a cold.
  • I mind cold more than heat.
  • They died of exposure to cold.
  • The cold really sets in around late November and doesn't let up until April.
  • I stood there shivering in the cold.
  • He waited outside for her in the bitter cold.
  • Come in out of the cold.

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Traducción inversa para cold

frío  - cold, cool, indifferent 
frío  - cold, coldness, indifference 
resfriado  - cold 
catarro  - cold, catarrh 
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