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noun | verb

coast noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
costa, litoral

Ejemplos de uso de
coast noun

  • He lives on the coast.
  • He's flying out to the coast tomorrow.

coast verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
coasted, has coasted, is coasting, coasts
deslizarse, rodar sin impulso

Ejemplos de uso de
coast verb

  • The car coasted to a stop.
  • The airplane coasted down the runway.
  • The children coasted on sleds down the snowy hill.
  • They came coasting down the hill on bicycles.
  • After taking a big lead, the team coasted to victory.
  • He was accused of trying to coast through school.
  • She decided she could coast along without a job for the next few months.
  • The company is coasting on its good reputation.

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Traducción inversa para coast

costa  - coast, shore, cost 
litoral  - shore, seaboard 
deslizarse  - to slide, to glide, to slip away 
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