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noun | verb

cluck noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
cloqueo, cacareo

Ejemplos de uso de
cluck noun

  • Don't be such a dumb cluck.
  • stuck with a bunch of clucks on an extended bus tour

cluck verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
clucked, has clucked, is clucking, clucks
cloquear, cacarear

Ejemplos de uso de
cluck verb

  • The hen clucked at her chicks.
  • The driver clucked at the horses to get them moving.
  • Commentators have been clucking over his lack of experience.

Traducción inversa para cluck

cacareo  - clucking (of a hen), crowing (of a rooster), boasting 
cloquear  - to cluck 
cacarear  - to crow, to cackle, to cluck, to boast about, to crow about 
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