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noun | verb

cloud noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
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A white summer cloud

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cloud noun

  • The sun is shining and there's not a cloud in the sky.
  • flying high above the clouds
  • It stopped raining and the sun poked through the clouds.
  • a cloud of cigarette smoke
  • The team has been under a cloud since its members were caught cheating.
  • There's a cloud of controversy hanging over the election.

cloud verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
clouded, has clouded, is clouding, clouds
nublar, oscurecer

Ejemplos de uso de
cloud verb

  • greed clouding the minds of men
  • These new ideas only cloud the issue further.
  • The final years of her life were clouded by illness.

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Traducción inversa para cloud

nube  - cloud, cloud (of dust), swarm (of insects, etc.) 
nublar  - to cloud, to obscure 
oscurecer  - to darken, to grow dark, to get dark, to obscure, to confuse, to cloud 
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