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noun | verb

cloak noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
capa, capote, manto

Ejemplos de uso de
cloak noun

  • Their plans were shrouded in a cloak of secrecy.
  • the cloak of mystery that surrounds the royal family

cloak verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
cloaked, has cloaked, is cloaking, cloaks
encubrir, envolver (en un manto de)

Ejemplos de uso de
cloak verb

  • the outlaw nation had cloaked its chemical weapons plant as a fertilizer factory
  • cloaked their military maneuvers from the outside world

Sinónimos de
cloak verb

Sinónimos detallados para cloak verb

Ver: Disguise

Traducción inversa para cloaks

capa  - cape, cloak, coating, layer, stratum, (social) class, stratum 
capote  - cloak, overcoat, bullfighter's cape, hood (of a car) 
manto  - cloak, mantle (in geology) 
encubrir  - to cover up, to conceal 
envolver  (en un manto de) - to wrap, to envelop, to surround, to entangle, to involve 
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