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clip verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
clipped, has clipped, is clipping, clips
sujetar (con un clip); cortar, recortar; golpear, dar un puñetazo a
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A gun, keys, walkie-talkie, and other devices are clipped onto his belt.

Sinónimos de
clip verb

clip noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
video; sujetapapeles; broche

Sinónimos de
clip noun

clip sustantivo

clip; paper clip

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Traducción inversa para clip

sujetar  (con un clip) - to hold on to, to steady, to hold down, to fasten, to attach, to subdue, to conquer 
cortar  - to cut, to cut, to slice, to trim, to break up, to cut out, to omit, to cut off, to interrupt, to hang up (the telephone), to block, to close off, to curdle (milk) 
recortar  - to cut, to reduce, to cut out, to trim, to cut off, to outline 
golpear  - to beat (up), to hit, to knock (at a door), to beat, to slam, to bang, to strike 
video  - video 
sujetapapeles  - paper clip 
broche  - brooch, fastener, clasp 
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