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verb | noun

click verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
clicked, has clicked, is clicking, clicks
chasquear (los dedos, etc.); hacer clic; hacer clic en (un botón, etc.); chasquear; tener éxito; congeniar, llevarse bien

Ejemplos de uso de
click verb

  • He clicked his heels together and saluted the officer.
  • Her heels clicked on the marble floor.
  • Press the door until you hear the latch click.
  • To open the program, point at the icon and click the left mouse button.
  • Click here to check spelling in the document.
  • I know him fairly well, but we've never really clicked.

Sinónimos de
click verb

click noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
chasquido (de los dedos, etc.), clic (de un botón, etc.)

Ejemplos de uso de
click noun

  • the click of her heels on marble
  • There was a click as the door closed behind him.
  • You can order movie tickets on the Internet with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Traducción inversa para click

chasquear  (los dedos, etc.) - to click (the tongue, fingers, etc.), to snap (a whip) 
hacer clic en  (un botón, etc.)
chasquear  - to click (the tongue, fingers, etc.), to snap (a whip) 
congeniar  - to get along (with someone) 
chasquido  (de los dedos, etc.) - click (of the tongue or fingers), snap, crack 
clic  (de un botón, etc.)
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