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clear adjective

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claro, lucido; despejado; transparente, translucido; evidente, obvio; seguro; libre

Ejemplos de uso de
clear adjective

  • It was a beautifully clear, sunny day.
  • There are clear differences between the two candidates.
  • She's the clear favorite to win the election.
  • I'm not completely happy with the plan, but I see no clear alternative.
  • He was the clear winner.
  • She has made it abundantly clear that she does not support us.
  • It's not clear how much longer we'll have to wait.
  • “Changes will have to be made.” “Yes, that's clear.”
  • Her writing has a clear style.
  • The instructions weren't very clear about when we were supposed to begin.
  • I think I have a clear understanding of the problem.

Sinónimos detallados para clear adjective

1. Clear, transparent, translucent, limpid significan que es posible ver a través (del objeto al cual se aplica).
  • Clear indica la ausencia de toda nebulosidad, confusión o turbidez <clear water>.
    antonyms: turbid, cloudy, murky
  • Transparent se aplica a cualquier cosa por medio de la cual se puede ver clara y nítidamente <a transparent sheet of film>.
    antonyms: opaque
  • Translucent se aplica a lo que permite el pasaje de la luz pero sin permitir una vista nítida de lo que se encuentra más allá <translucent frosted glass>.
  • Limpid connota la suave claridad del agua pura <limpid blue eyes>.
2. Clear, lucid significan que se entiende rápidamente y fácilmente.
  • Clear indica la ausencia de oscuridad, ambigüedad o complejidad excesiva <the instructions were perfectly clear>.
    antonyms: unintelligible, obscure, unclear
  • Lucid connota una clara coherencia lógica, así como un orden evidente de composición <a lucid description of nuclear physics>.
    antonyms: obscure, vague, unclear
3. Ver: Evident

Traducción inversa para clearer

claro  - bright, clear, pale, fair, light, clear, evident 
lucido  - lucid, magnificent, splendid 
despejado  - clear, fair, alert, clear-headed, uncluttered, unobstructed 
transparente  - transparent 
translucido  - translucent 
evidente  - evident, obvious, clear 
obvio  - obvious 
seguro  - safe, secure, sure, certain, reliable, trustworthy, self-assured 
libre  - free, vacant 
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