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noun | verb

force noun

unfavorite favorite play sound

Ejemplos de uso de
force noun

  • The front of the car took the full force of the collision.
  • These are instruments used to measure the force of the wind.
  • The police were accused of using excessive force when they made the arrest.
  • We discourage the use of force.
  • He used brute force to open the door.
  • I was impressed by the force of her personality.

Sinónimos de
force noun

Sinónimos detallados para force noun

Ver: Power

force verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
forced, has forced, is forcing, forces
obligar, forzar; imponer

Ejemplos de uso de
force verb

  • They forced us to work long hours without pay.
  • The flooding forced hundreds of residents to flee their homes.
  • After seeing the evidence, I was forced to admit my error.
  • I am forced to conclude that more funding will be necessary.
  • The pilot was forced to land when one of the plane's engines caught fire.
  • The scandal forced his resignation.
  • Lack of time may eventually force a compromise.
  • They are trying to force a vote on this issue.
  • The runner was forced out of bounds.
  • Their car was forced off the road.

Sinónimos de
force verb

Sinónimos detallados para force verb

Force, compel, coerce, constrain, oblige, strong-arm significan hacer ceder a alguien o algo.
  • Force es el término general e indica el vencer la resistencia mediante el ejercicio de la fuerza, el poder, el peso, la tensión o la coacción <forced the prisoner to sign the confession>.
  • Compel típicamente requiere un objeto personal o personalizado y connota el ejercicio de autoridad o de una fuerza irresistible <compelled to pay taxes>.
  • Coerce connota el vencer resistencia o indisposición mediante una severa violencia o intimidación, real o amenazada <coerced by gangsters into selling his business>.
  • Constrain connota un forzar u obligar mediante una decisión o una acción que aprieta, confina o ata <felt constrained to remain at work>.
  • Oblige indica la constricción impuesta por la necesidad, la ley, la razón o el deber <obliged to take care of her friend's children>.
  • Strong-arm, un término informal, connota el uso de fuerza u otras amenazas para hacer que alguien haga algo <the U.S. had strong-armed several smaller nations into signing the agreement>.

Traducción inversa para by force

fuerza  - strength, vigor, force, power, might 
obligar  - to force, to require, to oblige 
forzar  - to force, to compel, to force open, to strain 
imponer  - to impose, to be impressive, to command respect, to confer 
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