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verb | noun

bottle verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
bottled, has bottled, is bottling, bottles
embotellar, envasar

Ejemplos de uso de
bottle verb

  • The restaurant bottles its own ginger ale.
  • Near the top of the mountain, the climbers relied on bottled oxygen to breathe.

bottle noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
botella, frasco

Ejemplos de uso de
bottle noun

  • The baby drinks milk from a bottle.
  • Has the baby finished her bottle yet?
  • They were raised on a bottle instead of breast milk.
  • We drank a bottle of wine.
  • He says he's lost too many years to the bottle, and that he's giving up alcohol.
  • Her struggles with the bottle affected her entire family.

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Traducción inversa para bottle

embotellar  - to bottle 
envasar  - to bottle, to can, to pack in a container 
botella  - bottle 
frasco  - small bottle, flask, vial 
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