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noun | verb

bother noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
molestia, problemas; fastidio

Ejemplos de uso de
bother noun

  • Replacing the windows could be more of a bother than it's worth.
  • I know what a bother driving into the city can be this time of day.
  • “Sorry to bother you.” “That's okay, it's no bother at all.”
  • I considered replacing that part of the floor but decided it wasn't worth the bother.
  • He doesn't want the bother of filling out all those forms again.
  • Will you mail this for me? It will save me the bother of going to the post office.
  • "Sorry to bother you." "That's okay, it's no bother at all."

Sinónimos de
bother noun

bother verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
bothered, has bothered, is bothering, bothers
preocupar; molestar, fastidiar

Ejemplos de uso de
bother verb

  • He's so easygoing. Nothing seems to bother him.
  • Something he said at the meeting has been bothering me.
  • The entire car trip was filled with complaints like, “Mom, David keeps bothering me!” and “Will you tell him to quit bothering me?”
  • Mother used to cook elaborate dinners, but with only herself to cook for, she doesn't bother anymore.
  • “Should I call later?” “No, don't bother.”
  • I'm not going to bother with the details.

Sinónimos de
bother verb

Sinónimos detallados para bother verb

Ver: Annoy

Traducción inversa para bother

molestia  - annoyance, bother, nuisance, trouble, discomfort 
problemas  - problem 
fastidio  - annoyance, nuisance, hassle, (slang) bummer, boredom 
preocupar  - to worry, to concern 
molestar  - to be a nuisance, to annoy, to bother, to disturb, to disrupt 
fastidiar  - to be annoying or bothersome, to annoy, to bother, to hassle, to bore 
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