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noun | verb

bend noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
vuelta, recodo; curva, ángulo, codo

Sinónimos de
bend noun

bend verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
bent, has bent, is bending, bends
torcer, doblar, curvar, flexionar; torcerse, agacharse

Ejemplos de uso de
bend verb

  • Can you bend a wire into a circle?
  • Bend the cable around a wheel.
  • He bent the bow and shot an arrow from it.
  • His glasses got bent when he dropped them.
  • The trees were bending in the wind.
  • The branch will bend before it breaks.
  • She bent down to pick up a piece of paper and then she straightened up again.
  • He bent back to look up at the ceiling.
  • bend to the left and then bend to the right

Sinónimos de
bend verb

Sinónimos detallados para bend verb

Ver: Curve

Traducción inversa para bends

vuelta  - turn, circle, revolution, flip, turn, bend, curve, return, round, lap (in sports or games) 
recodo  - bend 
curva  - curve, bend 
ángulo  - angle, corner 
codo  - elbow, tightwad, cheapskate 
torcer  - to bend, to twist, to turn, to sprain, to turn (a corner), to wring, to wring out, to distort 
doblar  - to double, to turn, to toll, to ring, to fold, to bend, to turn, to dub 
curvar  - to bend 
flexionar  - to flex 
agacharse  - to crouch, to stoop, to bend down 
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