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preposition | conjunction | adverb

before preposition

unfavorite favorite play sound
antes de; delante de, ante

Ejemplos de uso de
before preposition

  • We arrived shortly before six o'clock.
  • He left just before sunrise.
  • I've never seen her so happy before now.
  • Call me before your arrival.
  • She arrived the day before yesterday.
  • Why haven't you ever helped me before now?
  • Your name is listed before mine.
  • You'll see my house just before the bank and after the school.
  • The Great Plains stretched endlessly before them.
  • The championship fight took place before a crowd of thousands.

before conjunction

unfavorite favorite play sound
antes que

Ejemplos de uso de
before conjunction

  • He left long before morning came.
  • Say goodbye before you go.
  • Call me before you arrive.
  • I finished the exam before he did.
  • It was not long before he arrived.

before adverb

unfavorite favorite play sound
antes; anterior

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Traducción inversa para before

ante  - before, in front of, considering, in view of 
antes  - before, earlier, formerly, previously, rather, sooner 
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