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bar noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
barra, barrote (de una ventana), tranca (de una puerta); barrera, obstáculo; abogacía; franja; mostrador; bar, taberna

Ejemplos de uso de
bar noun

  • We went to a bar for a drink.
  • There were bars across all the windows.
  • The door was secured with an iron bar.
  • She bought a chocolate bar.

Sinónimos de
bar noun

bar verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
barred, has barred, is barring, bars
obstruir, bloquear; excluir; prohibir; atrancar

Ejemplos de uso de
bar verb

  • He barred the door as soon as he got in.
  • All the windows and doors were barred.
  • A herd of goats was barring the road.
  • Nothing barred them from meeting together.
  • The judge will bar the jurors from talking to reporters.
  • A federal court has barred the group from using the name.
  • The decision bars the possibility of additional development in the area.
  • forms of punishment barred by the Constitution

Sinónimos de
bar verb

Sinónimos detallados para bar verb

Ver: Exclude

bar preposition

unfavorite favorite play sound
excepto, con excepción de

Ejemplos de uso de
bar preposition

  • They have lost every match, bar one.
  • everyone in the company is invited, bar none

bar sustantivo

bar, tavern, (slang) watering hole

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Traducción inversa para bar

barra  - bar 
barrote  (de una ventana) - bar (on a window) 
tranca  (de una puerta) - stick, club, bar, crossbar 
barrera  - barrier, obstacle 
obstáculo  - obstacle 
abogacía  - law, legal profession 
franja  - stripe, band, border, fringe 
mostrador  - counter (in a store) 
bar  - bar, tavern, (slang) watering hole 
taberna  - tavern, bar 
obstruir  - to obstruct, to block, to clog 
bloquear  - to block, to obstruct, to blockade 
excluir  - to exclude, to leave out 
prohibir  - to prohibit, to ban, to forbid 
atrancar  - to block, to bar 
excepto  - except 
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