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arrange verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
arranged, has arranged, is arranging, arranges
arreglar, poner en orden, disponer; fijar, concertar; adaptar

Ejemplos de uso de
arrange verb

  • She arranged her pictures on her desk.
  • He arranged some fresh fruit neatly on a plate.
  • They are arranging flowers in a vase.
  • We arranged and rearranged the order several times.
  • She arranged her hair on top of her head.
  • Please arrange a meeting with your partners.
  • I think we can arrange a deal.
  • Let's arrange our schedules so that we can meet for lunch.
  • You'll need to arrange transportation from the airport.
  • He arranged her last two albums.

Sinónimos detallados para arrange verb

Ver: Order

Traducción inversa para arrange

arreglar  - to repair, to fix, (informal) to patch up, to tidy up, to iron out, to solve, to work out 
disponer  - to arrange, to lay out, to stipulate, to order, to prepare 
fijar  - to fasten, to affix, to establish, to set up, to set, to fix 
concertar  - to arrange, to set up, to be in harmony, to agree on, to settle, to harmonize 
adaptar  - to adapt, to adjust, to fit 
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