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spare verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
spared, has spared, is sparing, spares
perdonar; ahorrar, evitar; prescindir de; escatimar; de sobra

Ejemplos de uso de
spare verb

  • No one knows why the gunman shot some people and spared others.
  • Somehow the storm spared our house while nearby buildings were destroyed.
  • She was spared from having to answer any more questions.
  • He wanted to spare his family from the stress he had endured.
  • I could have spared myself the trouble.
  • He spared them the embarrassment of a public apology.
  • If you could spare a cup of sugar, it would save me a trip to the store.

Sinónimos de
spare verb

¿Sabías esto?
  • Si tienes dinero, tiempo, energía, etc., to spare, significa que tienes más que suficiente dinero, tiempo, energía, etc.

spare adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
de repuesto, de recambio; de más, de sobra; delgado

Ejemplos de uso de
spare adjective

  • a spare pair of gloves
  • I keep a spare set of keys in my desk.
  • He has a spare frame.
  • He was tall and spare.
  • I like her spare style of writing.

Sinónimos detallados para spare adjective

Ver: Lean, Meager

spare noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
de sobra

Ejemplos de uso de
spare noun

  • “I've lost the key.” “You'll find a spare in the drawer.”
  • If that one breaks, I've got a spare.
  • Most cars come with spares.
  • He got a strike and two spares.
  • "I've lost the key." "You'll find a spare in the drawer."

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Traducción inversa para spare

perdonar  - to forgive, to pardon, to exempt, to excuse 
ahorrar  - to save (money), to save up, to spare, to conserve 
evitar  - to avoid, (informal) to steer clear of, to prevent, to escape, to elude 
escatimar  - to skimp on, to be sparing with 
delgado  - thin, skinny, slender, slim, delicate, fine, sharp, clever 
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