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verb | noun

look verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
looked, has looked, is looking, looks
mirar; buscar; parecer

Ejemplos de uso de
look verb

  • He looked straight ahead and kept walking.
  • When you take a walk, look around you.
  • She smiled at me and then looked away.
  • He looked back the way he had come.
  • Look both ways before you cross the street.
  • When I finally reached the top I was afraid to look down.
  • She looked from one person to the next.
  • They looked off into the distance.
  • He was looking over his shoulder.
  • Her new haircut makes her look young.
¿Cuál preposición sigue al verbo look?
  • Cuando se usa para significar 'ver', el verbo look es seguido por la preposición at. Por ejemplo: He looked at the painting and admired the skillful artwork.

Sinónimos detallados para look verb

Ver: Expect, See, Seem

look noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
mirada; cara; aspecto, apariencia, aire

Ejemplos de uso de
look noun

  • I don't think you left it here, but I'll take a look around for it.
  • I took a quick look, but he wasn't there.
  • She's very pretty, but she's not going to get by just on her looks.

Sinónimos de
look noun

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Traducción inversa para look

mirar  - to look, to look at, to face, to overlook, to watch, to consider, to think over 
buscar  - to look, to search, to look for, to seek, to pick up, to collect, to provoke 
parecer  - to seem, to look, to appear to be, to think, to have an opinion, to like, to be in agreement 
mirada  - look, glance, gaze, look, expression 
cara  - face, look, appearance, nerve, gall 
aspecto  - aspect, appearance, look 
apariencia  - appearance, look 
aire  - air 
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