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individual adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
individual, personal; separado; particular, propio

Ejemplos de uso de
individual adjective

  • What are the individual traits of the breed?
  • The doctor carefully evaluates the individual needs of her patients.
  • Students will receive as much individual attention as possible.
  • She has a very individual style of writing.
  • a pattern as individual as a fingerprint

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individual noun

unfavorite favorite play sound

Ejemplos de uso de
individual noun

  • They promote a philosophy that sacrifices the rights of the individual for the public welfare.
  • They are both rather odd individuals.
  • Are you the individual I spoke with on the telephone?
  • She's a very talented individual.
  • The markings on tigers are unique to each individual.

individual adjetivo


Traducción inversa para individual

individual  - individual 
personal  - personal 
separado  - separated, separate 
particular  - particular, specific, private, personal, special, unique 
propio  - own, appropriate, suitable, characteristic, typical, oneself 
individuo  - individual, person 
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