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contend verb

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contended, has contended, is contending, contends
argüir, sostener, afirmar; luchar, lidiar, contender; protestar contra (una decisión, etc.), disputar; competir

Ejemplos de uso de
contend verb

  • These people contend that they have earned the right to the land.
  • The team is expected to contend for the championship this year.

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Traducción inversa para contend

argüir  - to argue, to contend, to argue, to deduce, to prove 
sostener  - to support, to hold up, to hold, to sustain, to maintain 
afirmar  - to state, to affirm, to make firm, to strengthen 
luchar  - to fight, to struggle, to wrestle 
lidiar  - to fight, to struggle, to battle, to wrestle 
contender  - to contend, to compete, to fight 
protestar contra  (una decisión, etc.)
disputar  - to argue, to contend, to vie, to dispute, to question 
competir  - to compete 
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