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verb | noun

boost verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
boosted, has boosted, is boosting, boosts
levantar, alzar; aumentar, incrementar; promover, fomentar, hacer publicidad por

Ejemplos de uso de
boost verb

  • She boosted the boy onto his father's shoulders.
  • She boosted the child into her car seat.

Sinónimos de
boost verb

Sinónimos detallados para boost verb

Ver: Lift, Lift

boost noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
impulso, empujón; estímulo, aliento; aumento, incremento

Ejemplos de uso de
boost noun

  • a boost in wheat production
  • Exercise can sometimes provide a boost of energy.
  • After layoffs at the company, employees needed a boost in morale.
  • One company's innovation has proven to be a boost to the entire industry.
  • Give the boy a boost onto the stage, will you?

Sinónimos de
boost noun

Traducción inversa para boost

levantar  - to lift, to raise, to put up, to erect, to call off, to adjourn, to give rise to, to arouse 
alzar  - to lift, to raise, to erect 
aumentar  - to rise, to increase, to grow, to increase, to raise 
incrementar  - to increase 
promover  - to promote, to advance, to foster, to encourage, to provoke, to cause 
fomentar  - to foment, to stir up, to promote, to foster 
impulso  - drive, thrust, impulse, urge 
empujón  - push, shove 
estímulo  - stimulus, incentive, encouragement 
aliento  - breath, courage, strength 
aumento  - increase, rise 
incremento  - increase 
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