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well adverb

unfavorite favorite play sound
bien, correctamente; completamente; muy, bastante

Ejemplos de uso de
well adverb

  • “How did everything go?” “It went well, thank you.”
  • She works well under pressure.
  • I did surprisingly well on my history test.
  • The company is doing well.
  • She sings and plays the guitar quite well.
  • The essay is well written.
  • He doesn't smoke or drink, and he eats well.
  • She doesn't treat her boyfriend very well.

well noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
pozo (de agua, petróleo, gas, etc.), aljibe (de agua); fuente

Ejemplos de uso de
well noun

  • his quirkily dysfunctional family proved to be a bottomless well of inspiration for the novelist
  • the spot where the spring bubbles up to the surface and forms a deep well

Sinónimos de
well noun

well adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
conveniente; bien, sano

Ejemplos de uso de
well adjective

  • The children are well again.
  • I don't feel very well.
  • You don't look so well.
  • I hope you get well soon.
  • I hope all is well with you and your family.

Sinónimos de
well adjective

Sinónimos detallados para well adjective

Ver: Healthy


unfavorite favorite play sound
contracción de "we will"

well verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
welled, has welled, is welling, wells
(líquido) brotar

well interjection

unfavorite favorite play sound
bueno; ¡vaya!

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Traducción inversa para well

bien  - well, correctly, properly, right, very, quite, easily, willingly, readily 
correctamente  - correctly 
completamente  - completely, totally 
muy  - very, quite, too 
bastante  - enough, sufficiently, fairly, rather, quite 
pozo  (de agua, petróleo, gas, etc.) - well, deep pool (in a river), mine shaft, pothole 
aljibe  (de agua) - cistern, well 
fuente  - spring, fountain, source, platter, serving dish 
conveniente  - convenient, suitable, advisable 
bien  - well, OK, all right, pleasant, agreeable, satisfactory, correct, right 
sano  - healthy, wholesome, whole, intact 
brotar  (líquido)
bueno  - OK!, all right!, hello! (on the telephone) 
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