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verb | noun

watch verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
watched, has watched, is watching, watches
mirar, observar; ver; tener cuidado de

Ejemplos de uso de
watch verb

  • They have a rookie on the team who is fun to watch.
  • I fell asleep watching television.
  • What movie are you watching?
  • “Mom, watch me do a cartwheel!”
  • She sat and watched the children play.
  • “Would you like to play, too?” “No, I'll just watch.”
  • Just sit back and watch.
  • Keep watching to see what happens next.
  • “What happens next?” “Watch and see.”
  • People are watching this presidential race very carefully.

Sinónimos de
watch verb

¿Sabías esto?
  • Si tu observas (watch) algo, significa que lo miras intencionalmente y con toda tu atención. Ejemplo: I watch television in the afternoon. Otro ejemplo: We watched the basketball match and cheered for our team.
    Si tu ves (see) algo, significa que aparece ante tus ojos sin tu intensión. Ejemplo: I've never seen this TV show, but perhaps I should watch it sometime. Otro ejemplo: We saw a terrible accident on our way home and rushed to help the victims.

Sinónimos detallados para watch verb

Ver: See, Tend

watch noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
reloj; guardia, centinela, vigía; vigilancia

Ejemplos de uso de
watch noun

  • He glanced at his watch.
  • I looked at my watch.
  • When you're driving in winter you should always be on the watch for ice on the roads.

Sinónimos de
watch noun

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Traducción inversa para watch

mirar  - to look, to look at, to face, to overlook, to watch, to consider, to think over 
observar  - to observe, to watch, to notice, to obey, to abide by, to remark, to comment 
ver  - to see, to see, to understand, to learn, to find out, to understand, to examine, to look into, to see, to judge, to meet with, to visit, to find out 
reloj  - clock, watch 
guardia  - guard, defense, guard duty, watch, sentry, guardsman, guard, police officer, policeman 
centinela  - sentinel, sentry 
vigía  - lookout 
vigilancia  - vigilance, watchfulness 
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