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noun | verb

tug noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
tirón, jalón

Ejemplos de uso de
tug noun

  • He felt a gentle tug on his sleeve.
  • gave the man in front a tug on his shirtsleeve as a sign that he was supposed to step aside

tug verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
tugged, has tugged, is tugging, tugs
jalar, arrastrar, remolcar (con un barco); tirar, dar un tirón

Ejemplos de uso de
tug verb

  • I felt someone tugging on my sleeve.
  • She tugged the cord until the plug came out of the wall socket.

Sinónimos detallados para tug verb

Ver: Jerk, Pull

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Traducción inversa para tug

tirón  - pull, tug, yank 
jalón  - milestone, landmark, pull, tug 
jalar  - to pull, to tug, to pull, to pull together, to attract, to draw in, to hurry up, to get going, to be in working order 
arrastrar  - to drag, to tow, to hang down, to trail, to draw, to attract 
remolcar  (con un barco) - to tow, to haul 
tirar  - to pull, to draw, to throw, to hurl, to toss, to shoot, to throw away, to throw out, to waste, to attract, to knock down, to shoot, to fire, to launch, to get by, to manage, to take (a photo), to print, to run off 
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