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verb | noun

train verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
trained, has trained, is training, trains
adiestrar, entrenar (atletas), capacitar (trabajadores), amaestrar (animales); entrenar(se) (físicamente), prepararse (profesionalmente); apuntar (un arma, etc.)

Ejemplos de uso de
train verb

  • He was never formally trained as a chef.
  • I've been trained in first aid.
  • I'm training her to take over my job when I retire.
  • My boss is training me on the new equipment.
  • We need to train more nurses.
  • They are highly trained professionals.
  • I'm training to be a nurse.
  • I trained at that hospital.
  • He's training as a chef.
  • She had to train her mind to think scientifically.

Sinónimos detallados para train verb

Ver: Practice, Teach

train noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
cola (de un vestido); cortejo, séquito; serie (de eventos); tren
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A speedy train

Ejemplos de uso de
train noun

  • I took a train to Madrid.

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train noun

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Traducción inversa para train

adiestrar  - to train 
entrenar  (atletas) - to train, to drill, to practice 
capacitar  (trabajadores) - to train, to qualify 
amaestrar  (animales) - to train (animals) 
entrenar  (se) (físicamente) - to train, to drill, to practice 
prepararse  (profesionalmente) - to prepare, to get ready 
apuntar  (un arma, etc.) - to aim, to point, to take aim, to become evident, to write down, to jot down, to point to, to point out, to prompt (in the theater) 
cola  (de un vestido) - tail, line (of people), cola, drink, train (of a dress), tails, glue, buttocks 
cortejo  - courtship, retinue, entourage 
séquito  - retinue, entourage 
serie  (de eventos) - series, serial 
tren  - train, set, assembly, speed, pace 
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