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topple verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
toppled, has toppled, is toppling, topples
caerse, venirse abajo; volcar, derrocar (un gobierno, etc.)

Ejemplos de uso de
topple verb

  • The strong winds toppled many trees.
  • The earthquake toppled the buildings.
  • The tree toppled into the river.
  • The rebels tried to topple the dictator.
  • The phone company has toppled its local competition.

Traducción inversa para topple

caerse  - to fall down 
volcar  - to overturn, to tip over, to upset, to knock over, to turn over, to capsize, to empty out, to make dizzy, to cause a change of mind in, to irritate 
derrocar  (un gobierno, etc.) - to overthrow, to topple 
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