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tender adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
tierno, blando; cariñoso, afectuoso; sensible, delicado

Ejemplos de uso de
tender adjective

  • He gave her a tender look.
  • She was tender and loving with her new child.
  • Cook the pasta until it is just tender.
  • Her wrist was swollen and tender.

Sinónimos de
tender adjective

tender noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
propuesta, oferta (en negocios)

Sinónimos de
tender noun

tender verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
tendered, has tendered, is tendering, tenders
entregar, presentar

Sinónimos de
tender verb

Sinónimos detallados para tender verb

Ver: Offer

tender verbo

to spread out, to lay out; to hang out (clothes); to lay (cables, etc.); to set (a trap)

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Traducción inversa para tender

tierno  - affectionate, tender, tender, young 
blando  - soft, tender, weak (in character), lenient 
cariñoso  - affectionate, loving 
afectuoso  - affectionate, caring 
sensible  - sensitive, considerable, significant 
delicado  - delicate, fine, sensitive, frail, difficult, tricky, fussy, hard to please, dainty 
propuesta  - proposal 
oferta  (en negocios) - offer, sale, bargain 
entregar  - to deliver, to give, to present, to hand in, to hand over 
presentar  - to present, to show, to offer, to give, to submit (a document), to launch (a product), to introduce (a person) 
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