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verb | noun

sway verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
swayed, has swayed, is swaying, sways
balancearse, mecerse; influir en, convencer

Ejemplos de uso de
sway verb

  • branches swaying in the breeze
  • He swayed a moment before he fainted.
  • The lawyer tried to sway the jury.
  • She persisted in her argument, but I wouldn't let her sway me.

Sinónimos detallados para sway verb

Ver: Affect, Swing

sway noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
balanceo; influjo

Ejemplos de uso de
sway noun

  • the sway of the ship
  • the sexy sway of her hips
  • He has come under the sway of terrorists.
  • The ancient Romans held sway over most of Europe.

Sinónimos detallados para sway noun

Ver: Power

Traducción inversa para sway

balancearse  - to swing, to sway, to rock, to hesitate, to vacillate 
mecerse  - to rock, to swing, to sway 
convencer  - to convince, to persuade 
balanceo  - swaying, rocking, vacillation 
influjo  - influence 
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