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surge noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
oleaje (del mar), oleada (de gente); arranque, arrebato (de ira, etc.); aumento (subito)

Ejemplos de uso de
surge noun

  • The sport is enjoying a surge in popularity.
  • a surge of support for the candidate
  • There was a sudden surge toward the door.
  • There has been a surge of immigrants into the city.

Sinónimos de
surge noun

surge verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
surged, has surged, is surging, surges
hincharse (dícese del mar), levantarse (dícese de las olas); salir en tropel (dícese de la gente, etc.)

Ejemplos de uso de
surge verb

  • We all surged toward the door.
  • She surged past the other runners.
  • Thoughts of what could happen were surging through his mind.
  • Housing prices have surged in recent months.
  • Interest in the sport has been surging.

Sinónimos detallados para surge verb

Ver: Pour, Rise

surgir verbo

to rise, to arise, to emerge

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Traducción inversa para surge

oleaje  (del mar) - waves 
oleada  (de gente) - swell, wave 
arranque  - starter (of a car), outburst, fit 
arrebato  (de ira, etc.) - fit, outburst 
aumento  (subito) - increase, rise 
hincharse  (dícese del mar) - to swell up, to become conceited, to swell with pride 
levantarse  (dícese de las olas) - to rise, to stand up, to get out of bed 
salir en tropel  (dícese de la gente, etc.)
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