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adjective | verb

steady adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
seguro, firme; fijo; tranquilo, ecuánime; responsable, fiable; constante

Ejemplos de uso de
steady adjective

  • She used a tripod to keep the camera steady.
  • Painting takes a steady hand and a good eye.
  • Prices have remained steady over the last month.
  • He finally has a steady job.
  • They do a steady business at the restaurant.
  • There has been a steady increase in prices.
  • I am making steady progress on refinishing the basement.
  • There was a steady rain all day.
  • We've received a steady stream of donations.

Sinónimos detallados para steady adjective

Steady, even, constant, stable, uniform, consistent, unchanging significan que no varía a lo largo de un curso o una extensión.
  • Steady indica regularidad y falta de fluctuación o de interrupción de movimiento <ran the race at a steady pace>, o fijeza de posición <steady as a rock>.
    antonyms: unsteady, nervous, jumy
  • Even connota un equilibrio o una falta de variación en cualidad o carácter <read the statement in an even voice>.
  • Constant sugiere una ocurrencia o recurrencia uniforme o persistente <in constant pain>.
  • Stable connota estar firmemente establecido, estable e invariante <a stable rate of inflation> <the doctor says she's in stable condition>.
  • Uniform sugiere que no es variable o variante <adopted uniform procedures> <a uniform appearance>.
  • Consistent connota estar libre de variación o contradicción <the consistent good news had increased the president's popularity>.
  • Unchanging connota ser constante e invariable <a church that believes in unchanging truths>.

steady verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
steadied, has steadied, is steadying, steadies
estabilizarse; sujetar

Ejemplos de uso de
steady verb

  • He steadied the gun and fired.
  • She used a tripod to steady the camera.
  • The doctor gave her medication to help steady her heart rate.
  • Her heart rate had been erratic but eventually steadied.
  • Prices have steadied in recent months.

Frases relacionadas para steady

  • go steady - (americano, informal) estar de novio/a con alguien

Traducción inversa para steady

seguro  - safe, secure, sure, certain, reliable, trustworthy, self-assured 
firme  - firm, resolute, steady, stable, steadfast 
fijo  - fixed, firm, steady, permanent 
tranquilo  - calm, tranquil 
ecuánime  - even-tempered, impartial 
responsable  - responsible, in charge 
fiable  - trustworthy, reliable 
constante  - constant, continued 
estabilizarse  - to stabilize 
sujetar  - to hold on to, to steady, to hold down, to fasten, to attach, to subdue, to conquer 
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