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reverse verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
reversed, has reversed, is reversing, reverses
dar marcha atrás; invertir; cambiar totalmente; anular, revocar

Ejemplos de uso de
reverse verb

  • The runners reversed their direction on the track.
  • There is no way to reverse the aging process.
  • Can anything reverse the trend toward higher prices?
  • Reverse the “i” and “e” in “recieve” to spell “receive” correctly.
  • My mother and I reversed our roles. Now I'm taking care of her.
  • We're going to reverse our usual order and start with Z.

Sinónimos detallados para reverse verb

1. Reverse, transpose, invert significan cambiar a la posición opuesta.
  • Reverse puede indicar un cambio de orden, lado, dirección o significado <three countries reversed their position on the arms agreement>.
  • Transpose indica un cambio en el orden o en la posición relativa de unidades, efectuado a menudo mediante un intercambio de posiciones <anagrams are formed by transposing the letters of a word>.
  • Invert se aplica a un cambio de un lado a otro mediante el poner de cabeza o al revés <inverted the sentence without changing its meaning>.
2. Ver: Revoke

reverse noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
lo contrario, lo opuesto; revés, contratiempo; reverso, dorso

Ejemplos de uso de
reverse noun

  • The building appears on the reverse of the coin.
  • Please sign your name on the reverse.
  • I put the car in reverse and backed out of the garage.

Sinónimos de
reverse noun

reverse adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
inverso; contrario, opuesto

Ejemplos de uso de
reverse adjective

  • Can you say the alphabet in reverse order?
  • The drug is used to lower blood pressure but may have the reverse effect in some patients.

Sinónimos de
reverse adjective

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Traducción inversa para reverse

invertir  - to invert, to reverse, to make an investment, to invest 
anular  - to annul, to cancel 
revocar  - to revoke, to repeal, to plaster (a wall) 
revés  - back, wrong side, setback, reversal, backhand (in sports) 
contratiempo  - mishap, accident, setback, difficulty 
reverso  - back, other side 
dorso  - back, backstroke 
inverso  - inverse, inverted, opposite 
contrario  - contrary, opposite, conflicting, opposed 
opuesto  - opposite, contrary, opposed 
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