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noun | verb

retreat noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
retirada, repliegue, retiro; refugio

Ejemplos de uso de
retreat noun

  • Some of her friends were surprised by her retreat from public life following her defeat in the election.
  • we made a strategic retreat when we realized that we were outnumbered

Sinónimos detallados para retreat noun

Ver: Shelter

retreat verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
retreated, has retreated, is retreating, retreats

Ejemplos de uso de
retreat verb

  • When the enemy attacked, our troops were forced to retreat.
  • They retreated behind trees for safety.
  • He quickly retreated from the room.
  • After her defeat, she retreated from politics.

Sinónimos de
retreat verb

Sinónimos detallados para retreat verb

Ver: Recede

Traducción inversa para retreat

retirada  - retreat, withdrawal (of funds), retirement, refuge, haven 
repliegue  - fold, retreat, withdrawal 
retiro  - retirement, withdrawal, retreat, seclusion 
refugio  - refuge, shelter 
retirarse  - to retreat, to withdraw, to retire 
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