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render verb

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rendered, has rendered, is rendering, renders
derretir; prestar, dar; hacer, volver, dejar; traducir, verter

Ejemplos de uso de
render verb

  • Depression can render a person helpless.
  • Both passengers were rendered unconscious in the accident.
  • The sight of her rendered him speechless.
  • The virus rendered the computer useless.
  • He witnessed a car accident and stopped to render aid.
  • The jury rendered a verdict of not guilty.

Sinónimos de
render verb

Traducción inversa para render

derretir  - to melt, to thaw 
prestar  - to lend, to loan, to render (a service), to give (aid) 
dar  - to give, to suffice, to be enough, to deliver, to hand over, to hit, to strike, to yield, to produce, to perform, to give off, to emit 
hacer  - to act, to make, to do, to perform, to force, to oblige 
volver  - to return, to come or go back, to turn, to turn over, to turn inside out, to return, to repay, to restore, to revert, to cause, to make 
dejar  - to leave, to abandon, to forsake, to let be, to let go, to allow, to permit 
traducir  - to translate, to convey, to express 
verter  - to flow, to pour, to spill, to shed, to empty out, to express, to voice, to translate, to render 
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