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realize verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
realized, has realized, is realizing, realizes
darse cuenta de, saber; obtener, realizar, sacar; llevar a cabo

Ejemplos de uso de
realize verb

  • They did not realize the risk that was involved.
  • He finally realized the scope of the problem.
  • She realizes how much things have changed.
  • Do you realize how difficult that stunt is?
  • You just have to realize that you can't always get what you want.
  • She slowly realized what he was trying to say.
  • He realized a lifelong dream by winning an Olympic medal.
  • He finally realized his ambition to start his own business.

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Traducción inversa para realize

saber  - to know, to know, to suppose, to be informed, to know how to, to be able to, to learn, to find out, to taste 
obtener  - to obtain, to secure, to get 
realizar  - to carry out, to execute, to produce, to direct (a film or play), to fulfill, to achieve, to realize (a profit) 
sacar  - to kick off (in soccer or football), to pull out, to take out, to get, to obtain, to serve (in sports), to get out, to extract, to stick out, to bring out, to pull off, to introduce 
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