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ready adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
listo, preparado; dispuesto; a punto de; disponible; vivo

Ejemplos de uso de
ready adjective

  • I'll be ready in 10 minutes.
  • “Can we leave now?” “I'm ready when you are.”
  • Your prescription will be ready in about 20 minutes.
  • The car won't be ready until tomorrow.
  • We got everything ready for the party before the guests arrived.

Sinónimos de
ready adjective

ready noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
listo, preparado

ready verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
readied, has readied, is readying, readies

Ejemplos de uso de
ready verb

  • They readied the room for guests.
  • She readied herself to speak.
  • We have to ready ourselves for a tough fight ahead.

Sinónimos de
ready verb

Sinónimos detallados para ready verb

Ver: Prepare

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Traducción inversa para ready

listo  - ready, clever, smart 
preparado  - ready, prepared, trained 
dispuesto  - ready, prepared, disposed, amenable 
disponible  - available 
vivo  - alive, vivid, bright, intense, lively, vivacious, sharp, clever 
preparado  - preparation, mixture 
preparar  - to prepare, to make ready, to teach, to train, to coach 
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