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verb | noun

peak verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
peaked, has peaked, is peaking, peaks
alcanzar su nivel máximo

peak noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
punta; cima, cumbre; cuspide, apogeo, nivel máximo

Ejemplos de uso de
peak noun

  • The nearest peak worth climbing is hundreds of miles away.
  • a line of rocky peaks
  • the peak of the roof
  • The recipe says to beat the cream until it forms soft peaks.
  • At her peak she was writing a new novel every year.
  • Violence reached a peak just before the election.
  • The graph shows that murders in the city declined from a peak of 173 in 2004.

Sinónimos detallados para peak noun

Ver: Summit

Traducción inversa para peak

punta  - tip, end, point (of a weapon or pencil), point, headland, bunch, lot 
cima  - peak, summit, top 
cumbre  - top, peak, summit, summit (of nations) 
cuspide  - zenith, apex, peak 
apogeo  - acme, peak, zenith 
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