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own pronoun

unfavorite favorite play sound
el mío, la mía; el tuyo, la tuya; el suyo, la suya; el nuestro, la nuestra

own adjective

unfavorite favorite
propio, personal, particular

own verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
owned, has owned, is owning, owns
poseer, tener, ser dueño de; reconocer, admitir

Ejemplos de uso de
own verb

  • We hope to someday own our own home.
  • She drives a red truck that was originally owned by her grandfather.
  • He owns the rights to the band's music.
  • The couple owns and operates the business.
  • After everyone else denied any responsibility, he owned that he was at fault.

Sinónimos de
own verb

Sinónimos detallados para own verb

Ver: Have

Verbos frasales para own

  • own up - reconocer (algo), admitir (algo)

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Traducción inversa para own

propio  - own, appropriate, suitable, characteristic, typical, oneself 
personal  - personal 
particular  - particular, specific, private, personal, special, unique 
poseer  - to possess, to hold, to have 
tener  - to have, to hold, to feel, to make 
reconocer  - to recognize, to admit, to examine 
admitir  - to admit, to let in, to acknowledge, to concede, to allow, to make room for 
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