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noun | verb

meeting noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
reunión; encuentro; entrevista (formal)

Ejemplos de uso de
meeting noun

  • The club's monthly meeting will be held next Monday evening.
  • She was too busy to attend the meeting.
  • Let's have a meeting to discuss these problems.
  • I wasn't able to talk to him because he was in a meeting.
  • They started dating each other soon after their first meeting.
  • Their friendship began with a chance meeting at a business convention.
  • Tonight's game will be their first meeting of the season.
  • a town at the meeting of two rivers

Sinónimos de
meeting noun

meet verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
met, has met, is meeting, meets
encontrarse con; reunirse, congregarse; unirse con; enfrentarse a; satisfacer, cumplir con; conocer

Ejemplos de uso de
meet verb

  • He met his wife at work.
  • We met each other in college.
  • Did you meet anyone interesting at the party?
  • I'd like you to meet my good friend Bob.
  • The couple met at a dance.
  • Have we met? You look familiar.
  • They met for drinks after work.
  • We arranged to meet for lunch.
  • Let's meet at the park.
  • They meet together every week.
¿Sabías esto?
  • Tenga en cuenta que la forma en el pasado es met.

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Traducción inversa para meeting

reunión  - meeting, gathering, reunion 
encuentro  - meeting, encounter, conference, congress 
entrevista  (formal) - interview 
reunirse  - to meet 
congregarse  - to congregate, to assemble 
satisfacer  - to satisfy, to fulfill, to meet, to pay, to settle 
conocer  - to know, to be acquainted with, to meet, to recognize 
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