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hurt verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
hurt, has hurt, is hurting, hurts
doler; hacer daño a, herir, lastimar; hacer sufrir, ofender

Ejemplos de uso de
hurt verb

  • Be careful with that knife or you could hurt yourself.
  • Ouch! You're hurting my arm!
  • She was badly hurt in a car accident.
  • My tooth still hurts me.
  • When I woke up this morning I hurt all over.
  • Their lack of interest in her work hurt her deeply.
  • You're only hurting yourself by holding a grudge against them.
  • It hurt me to see her go.
  • The lack of rain has hurt the corn crop.
  • If we lose this game it will seriously hurt our chances of making the play-offs.

Sinónimos detallados para hurt verb

Ver: Injure

hurt noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
herida; dolor, pena

Ejemplos de uso de
hurt noun

  • Her sympathy eased the hurt he felt after his dog's death.
  • They felt a great hurt after their bitter divorce.
  • She tried to put past hurts behind her.

Sinónimos de
hurt noun

hurt adjective

unfavorite favorite
lastimado, herido

Traducción inversa para hurt

doler  - to hurt, to ache, to grieve 
herir  - to injure, to wound, to hurt, to offend 
lastimar  - to hurt, to injure, to offend 
ofender  - to offend, to be insulting, to offend, to insult 
herida  - injury, wound 
dolor  - pain, ache, grief, sorrow 
pena  - punishment, penalty, sorrow, grief, pain, suffering, difficulty, trouble, shame, embarrassment 
herido  - injured, wounded, hurt, offended 
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