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harsh adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
áspero; duro, severo; discordante (dícese de los sonidos)

Ejemplos de uso de
harsh adjective

  • The climate there is very harsh.
  • We've had an extremely harsh winter.
  • It's time for her to face the harsh realities of this situation.
  • The accident serves as a harsh reminder of the importance of wearing a seat belt.
  • The lighting in the room was very harsh.
  • The state has established harsh penalties for drug dealers.
  • She has been criticized for her harsh treatment of his students.
  • He was sentenced to a harsh prison term.
  • He had harsh words for his opponent.
  • She has faced some extremely harsh criticism.

Sinónimos de
harsh adjective

Sinónimos detallados para harsh adjective

Ver: Rough

Traducción inversa para harsh

áspero  - rough, coarse, abrasive 
duro  - hard, tough, harsh, severe 
severo  - harsh, severe, strict, stark 
discordante  (dícese de los sonidos) - discordant, conflicting 
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