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verb | noun

guard verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
guarded, has guarded, is guarding, guards
defender, proteger; guardar, vigilar, custodiar

Ejemplos de uso de
guard verb

  • Two policemen were assigned to guard the prisoner.
  • A tank guarded the bridge from enemy attack.
  • A police officer was stationed outside to guard the door.
  • They jealously guard their secrets.
  • Her whereabouts are a tightly guarded secret.

Sinónimos detallados para guard verb

Ver: Defend, Tend

guard noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
guarda; guardia, vigilancia; salvaguardia, dispositivo de seguridad (en una máquina); precaución, protección

Ejemplos de uso de
guard noun

  • There were several guards at the gate.
  • Tourists gather every day to watch the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.
  • There were dozens of police officers standing guard along the parade route.
  • The guard must be in place before operating the meat slicer.

Sinónimos de
guard noun

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Traducción inversa para guard

defender  - to defend, to protect 
proteger  - to protect, to defend 
guardar  - to guard, to maintain, to preserve, to put away, to save, to keep (a secret or promise) 
vigilar  - to be watchful, to look after, to keep an eye on, to keep watch, to watch over, to guard 
custodiar  - to guard, to look after 
guarda  - security guard, keeper, custodian 
guardia  - guard, defense, guard duty, watch, sentry, guardsman, guard, police officer, policeman 
vigilancia  - vigilance, watchfulness 
salvaguardia  - safeguard, defense 
dispositivo de seguridad  (en una máquina)
precaución  - precaution, caution, care 
protección  - protection 
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